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UPDATES: The Google Play Version is temporarily pulled off for security updates. The App Store version is still available. (25 July 2021)


"Top 20 Underrated Sports Games For Android in 2020" - GamesKeys.net

Download and play Table Tennis Recrafted today!

1. A tournament experience

Table Tennis ReCrafted! simulates a tournament-level gameplay. Although it can be played by everyone, it particularly rewards those who are trained in table tennis.

2. Learn the correct skills

Play 7 practice modes and learn forehand top-spin, backhand top-spin and blocking!

Practise with multi-ball training in these modes:

  • Forehand-backhand swing
  • Forehand-middle-backhand
  • Step-around forehand
  • Random

3. Face off tough simulated A.I. 

Play against 12 simulated world champions. Top spin rallies, side-spins, drop-shots, pendulum services, reverse-pendulum services, banana flick... 

4. Play with 3 different controls

3 controls are available. Auto mode for the casual player. Semi-auto for one who wants more control. Manual for professional table tennis players and coaches. Our honour if you play our game!

5. Challenge yourself to maximum hit counts

Mima Ito of the Japanese table tennis team is the current holder of maximum counter hits in a minute. Try yours!

6. Unstoppable rallies

Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping pong... so fast! x'D

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